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FREE Out of the Ark Song Calendar Poster

calendarFrom September 1st 2012 we gave away a free Out of the Ark Song Calendar with your first order for a book & CD or book, CD & WOS™. The song calendar is a really useful tool for tracking all of the important days to sing about throughout the school year and it contains many suggestions for songs that will help you get the most out of singing in school. (Not available for overseas or trade customers)

A1 Song Calendar posters are now OUT OF STOCK. If you would like to view the calendar please click on the image below.

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Songcalendar.co.uk - Our exciting new song download site launching soon!

Our exciting new song download site launches this spring!

song calendar banner

We are very excited about our brand new song download site, Songcalendar.co.uk but unfortunately it has taken slightly longer than expected to build. We want to make sure that it is a truly inspirational singing tool, so please bear with us while we perfect things ahead of an imminent launch.

songcalendar.co.uk allows you to download the songs that you want, when you want them - all utilising an amazing new enhanced, online version of Words on Screen™ called S!ngchronize™!         


  • A new song download site available with NO SUBSCRIPTION and free songs

  • This interactive site enables you to download your school's favourite Out of the Ark songs into our new S!ngchronize™ song player, the latest online version of Words on Screen™, and incorporates lots of useful new features

  • New Out of the Ark songs from your favourite writers not previously released anywhere else.

  • Each song comes with vocals and backing tracks in our interactive new online version of Words on Screen™ - S!ngchronize™,  (where song lyrics synchronize with the music and can be projected onto any screen) .  They also include: song lyrics, music scores, teacher idea sheets, and for some songs, harmony tracks too!

  • 48 hour FREE song download opportunities.

  • Singing Challenges to help you to sing for the sake of singing!

  • Singing Bundles.  Groups of songs "bundled" together to help unpack subjects and will save you money!  (4 songs for the price of 3)

  • Plan your singing for the entire year through songcalendar.co.uk

  • Ideal for non specialist.



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