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Introducing: S!ng

S!ng™ is a brand new series from Out of the Ark Music. Thoughfully designed to promote singing in schools, this series contains everything you need to get children singing with enthusiasm, confidence and a sound technique.

Sing Harvest

S!ng™ Harvest
By leading  writers
Ages 5-11 

In this collection for harvest time, there are 16 fabulous songs written by our team of talented writers, who are all experienced in writing for primary-aged children. We've also included 3 warm-up songs to help with legato singing, breath technique, diction and simple harmonies. With a song chart giving all the vital information you'll need for each song, it's easy to choose an appropriate song for each occasion at a glance. So, vocal cords at the ready - let's get singing! 

Themes include: giving thanks, sowing seeds, harvest celebrations and juicy fruit, as well as a lively dance for making bread and even a bunch of singing vegetables, plus many more! 

sing easterS!ng™ Easter
By leading writers
Ages 5 -11

The second songbook in our important new series designed to get your school singing about almost anything and everything!  Each book contains 16 brand new songs and 3 great vocal warm-ups, as well as ideas and tips on how to get going.

This new Easter collection, which is not only bursting with songs about chocolate, Easter bunnies and new life, but also offers more thought-provoking songs that cleverly unpack the Easter story such as Three Days That Changed The World and Jesus Is Alive! So whether you're celebrating Easter, flipping pancakes or looking forward to the holidays, s!ng s!ng, s!ng your way to Easter with this fantastic variety of songs.

sing togetherS!ng Together
By leading writers
Ages 5 -11

The third title in our fabulous new songbook series is designed to get you singing about everything and anything. Each book contains ideas and tips on how to get going, a few vocal warm-ups to prepare your voices and a whole mixture of irresistibly singable songs, that include harmonies, rounds and group singing opportunities. Perfect for assemblies, choirs and happy singing! S!ng Together is a collection of songs that cleverly combines the themes of unity, belonging, friendship and respect with the feel-good factor that only singing can bring.

Contains 3 warm-ups and 16 brand new songs.


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