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Q: How quickly will my order be despatched?

For orders placed via this website, or by telephone or fax:
We will process your order as swiftly as possible. Our standard service is via post however small orders can be shipped express upon your request at an additional charge.

Q: How many schools use Out of the Ark Music's material?

Around 20,000 primary schools around the world use our music. In addition our 'early years' publications are used by many thousands of pre-schools and nurseries.

Q: What is the format / size of each songbook?

All of our books are A4 format, except the following:

  • 'DIY Nativity' & 'Sunday's Cool' - 254 x 176mm / 10" x 7"
  • 'Pictures, Poems & Percussion' - 380 x 280mm / 15" x 11"
  • The Song & Story series & 'Out of the Ark Essentials - Christmas Carols' - 254 x 176mm / 10" x 7"
  • 'A Combined Harvest', 'A Cracking Christmas', A Spring Thing' & 'Here Comes Summer!' - 254 x 176mm / 10" x 7"

Most of the primary years songbooks and musicals are wiro-bound whilst the early years books are stitched. All of our books are supplied with an accompanying CD. All of the songs on the CD are sung by a children's choir and professionally arranged backing tracks are provided for use with practice or performances.

Q: What type of music scores are provided?

Piano music scores, the melody and chords are included in all of our songbooks and musicals.

Q: Can the song lyrics or the music scores be photocopied or reproduced?


We grant the right to copy the song lyric sheets provided in each songbook for teaching purposes.  We also grant the right to photocopy the scripts of all our musicals and nativity plays for learning and rehearsal purposes only.

The copying of music scores is strictly subject to the rules of the school's photocopying licence.

Copying audio files is not permitted without a licence from Out Of The Ark Music

For musicals the purchase of a Performance Licence from Out Of The Ark Music conveys the right to perform the musical on the date s applied for, plus the right to reproduce or display the song lyrics, photocopy the music score for the use of musicians on the performance dates, and to play the CD at the performance.

Churches / Sunday Schools:

Copying the music score and copying or displaying lyrics are only permitted under the terms of the church's CCLI licence(s). Churches without a CCLI licence may apply to Out Of The Ark Limited for a licence - call customer services on Tel:  1 800 850 777 for details. 

Q: Are performance licences required?

If you are using our music for classroom teaching or for school assemblies where members of the public are not present you do not need to obtain a licence from us.

A licence is required for the performance of any work involving drama, movement or spoken dialogue. For convenience we issue affordable licences. An easy-to-complete licence form is provided with each of our musicals.

Q: Are inspection copies available?

Due to copyright laws we are unable to offer inspection copies.

Q: Do you have a returns policy?

Please refer to our full Returns Policy here.

Q: How can I pay for my order?

Australia: Payment is required with all orders except if placed by organisations or schools which are registered. A customer number and an order number must be used in order to receive an invoice with the order.

Q: Do you supply music to private customers as well as schools?

Yes, we supply our music to private customers. We do however require payment with each order.

Payment can be made by credit card or cheque (Australian dollars only)

Q: Can we alter the music or the scripts?

The scripts can easily be adapted to suit your particular school or pre-school - you do not need to obtain permission from Out of the Ark Music to make minor changes to the scripts. However song lyrics must not be changed without our written permission.

Q: Do we need special permission to use the backing tracks?

The CD backing tracks may be used in class for teaching purposes or in assemblies. We also issue licences for the performance of our musicals or nativities which include permission to use our backing tracks for performances.

Q: Can we make recordings of our performances?

Sound or video recording is permitted by Out of the Ark Music, however the school or organisation wishing to record the performance for distribution to the public (including parents) must obtain a licence to do so.

If recordings of our backing tracks are used a licence is also required. Please contact our copyright department - copyright@outoftheark.com

Q: Are Out of the Ark Music products available internationally?

Yes, we ship our music to schools, pre-schools, churches and private customers around the world.

Customers in Australia can order directly either on-line or by calling Tel:  1 800 850 777.

Customers in New Zealand can order directly either on-line or by calling  Tel: 0800 850 777.

Customers requiring delivery to other countries can order on-line at www.outoftheark.co.uk or by fax +44 20 8941 5548. Payment is required with each order - credit cards or debit cards are accepted.  All charges will be made in pounds sterling.

Q: Is GST charged?

Yes, GST will be charged on all orders to customers within Australia or New Zealand at the standard rate.

Q: Are scripts provided with all of the musicals and nativity plays?

Yes, all of the musicals and nativity plays that we produce include a script that is provided free of charge, with the exception of 'Off to Bethlehem' and 'DIY Nativity' which do not have scripts.

We convey the right to photocopy the scripts of all our musicals and nativity plays for learning and rehearsal purposes only.

For larger productions, such as 'Moving On' and 'Alice - The Musical' we can also provide additional scripts at a cost-effective price.

Q: Can we use OHP transparencies?

Lyric sheets may be copied onto overhead transparencies for classroom teaching purposes.

Where overhead transparencies are used for church services or performances this should be logged (as appropriate) on the church's CCLI return.

Q: Can I buy CDs separately?

CDs are sold together with the songbooks as a package. However if your CD is missing or damaged we are able to provide replacements as a special order - please telephone our customer services team on Tel: 1 800 850 777.

Q: Do I need special permission to photocopy the script of the musicals?

No. We convey the right to photocopy the scripts of all our musicals and nativity plays for learning and rehearsal purposes only.

For larger productions, such as 'Moving On' and 'Alice - The Musical' we can also provide additional scripts at a cost-effective price.

Q: Can I submit my own manuscripts for review?

Yes absolutely. Please download and read our submission guidelines here for more details.

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