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Songbooks, Christmas Musicals & Christmas Plays for Primary Schools

Great NEW Songbooks & Musicals for Primary School Children:

Sing A Joyful Assembly SongbookNew!S!ng A Joyful Assemblyby leading children's writersAges 5-11
Aladdin Trouble Primary School Pantomime MusicalNew!Aladdin Troubleby Mark and Helen JohnsonAges 8-11
*****  3 Reviews
Sing Something Silly Children's Assembly SongbookNew!S!ng Something Silly!by leading children's writersAges 5-11
William Shakespeare Class AssemblyNew!William Shakespeareby Mary Green & Julie StanleyAges 6-11
Angel Express Primary School Nativity PlayNew!Angel Expressby Niki DaviesAges 3-6

Christmas Musicals & Christmas Plays | Christmas Songbooks

Cinderella and Rockerfella school pantomime musicalCinderella & Rockerfellaby Mark and Helen Johnson, Script by Sue LangwadeAges 8-11
*****  152 Reviews
The Magical Christmas Jigsaw nativity playThe Magical Christmas Jigsawby Mary Green and Julie StanleyAges 5-11
*****  7 Reviews
Prickly Hay Nativity PlayPrickly Hayby Mary Cliff and Kelly FortAges 4-8
*****  8 Reviews
Children of the World Primary school nativity playChildren Of The Worldby Mary Green and Julie StanleyAges 5-9
*****  12 Reviews
A Midwife Crisis Primary School Nativity PlayA Midwife Crisisby Gaynor Boddy and Rebecca KincaidAges 5-9
*****  6 Reviews
The Nativity School nativity playThe Nativityby Niki DaviesAges 3-7
*****  6 Reviews
Hey Ewe Primary School Nativity PlayHey Ewe!by Antony CopusAges 4-8
*****  4 Reviews
Born In A Barn Primary School Nativity playBorn In A Barnby Nikki LewisAges 4-7
*****  17 Reviews
Songs for EVERY Christmas Assembly SongbookSongs for EVERY Christmasby Mark and Helen JohnsonAges 5-11
*****  5 Reviews
Whoops a daisy angel nativity playWhoops-a-Daisy Angelby Niki DaviesAges 3-6
*****  10 Reviews
It's christmas children's christmas songbookIt's Christmas!by leading children's writersAges 3-7
*****  2 Reviews
Tinsel and tea-towels nativity playTinsel and Tea-Towelsby Mark and Helen JohnsonAges 5-9
*****  7 Reviews
DIY Nativity primary School nativity playDIY Nativityby Mark and Helen JohnsonAges 5-11
*****  5 Reviews
A Cracking Christmas Primary School SongbookA Cracking Christmas!by leading children's writersAges 5-11
*****  5 Reviews
Stable Manners christmas playStable Mannersby Margaret CarpenterAges 7-11
*****  14 Reviews

Curriculum Songbooks & Classroom Songs for Primary Schools

Minibeasts Primary School SongbookMinibeastsby leading children's writersAges 4-7
*****  8 Reviews
All about me children's songbookAll About Meby leading children's writersAges 3-7
*****  1 Review
Chantons Tous Les Jours learn french songbookChantons! - Tous Les Joursby Mark and Helen JohnsonAges 7-11
*****  12 Reviews
Pictures, Poems & Percussionby Ann BryantAges 4-9
Songs for EVERYbody Assembly SongbookSongs for EVERYbodyby Mark and Helen JohnsonAges 5-11
*****  3 Reviews
Animals primary school songbookAnimalsby leading children's writersAges 4-7
*****  1 Review

Musicals for Primary Schools and Kindergarten

Wind in the Willows MusicalWind In The Willowsby Mark and Helen Johnson, Script by Sue LangwadeAges 8-11
*****  30 Reviews
Alice The Musical Primary School PlayAlice The Musicalby Mark and Helen JohnsonAges 7-11
*****  42 Reviews
Hoodwinked primary school musicalHoodwinkedby Margaret CarpenterAges 7-11
*****  32 Reviews
The Peace Child MusicalThe Peace Childby Mark and Helen Johnson, Script by Sue LangwadeAges 7-11
*****  23 Reviews
Eddie The Penguin Saves The World! Primary School musicalEddie The Penguin Saves The World!by Niki DaviesAges 4-8
*****  8 Reviews
The Litter Muncher Recycling MusicalThe Litter Muncherby Niki DaviesAges 3-7
*****  4 Reviews
The Enormous Turnipby Niki DaviesAges 3-6
*****  1 Review
The Gingerbread Manby Niki DaviesAges 3-6
*****  2 Reviews

Assembly Songbooks & Choir Songbooks for Primary Schools

Songs for EVERY Singing School SongbookSongs for EVERY Singing Schoolby Mark and Helen JohnsonAges 5-11
*****  5 Reviews
Songs for EVERY Happy, Healthy School songbookSongs for EVERY Happy, Healthy Schoolby Mark and Helen JohnsonAges 5-11
*****  5 Reviews
Sing Together Assembly SongbookS!ng Togetherby leading children's writersAges 5-11
*****  1 Review
Songs for EVERY Assembly SongbookSongs for EVERY Assemblyby Mark and Helen JohnsonAges 5-11
*****  13 Reviews
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